Aging in Place

Connelly’s General Contracting offers free home evaluations for seniors and persons with disabilities in need offering a list of improvements and modifications focusing on safety, mobility, illumination, style and convenience to make your home functional and fantastic for your wants, needs and lifestyle allowing you to stay in and enjoy your home longer. The average cost of an assisted living facility is $4000 a month for the low-end places.

Here are some of the modifications we have made in the past.

Install grab bars- Remove trip hazards(transitions), Exterior/interior step repairs/replacement-Adding Illumination-Interior/exterior chair lifts-widened doorways-Wheelchair accessible sinks and cabinets-Moving laundry from basement to upper floor-converting half bath to full bath on first floor-1st floor room conversion to a bedroom-Removing a tub and installing a stall shower and laundry set up in its place.

Over the years we have seen hundreds of families make the tough decision to move a parent or loved one to a living assisted facility due to health, safety or mobility concerns. Time after time and family after family has had their largest asset wiped out to pay for these facilities. Mom and Dad worked 30-40 years to pay off a mortgage created families, dreams, and a lifetime of memories only to be sold and wiped out. Brian saw this in his wife’s family when her cousin who worked as a public high school teacher for over 40 years was forced to move his mother into a assisted living facility. She lived there for 12 years and was forced to sell all her assets stocks, car, jewelry and other goods. Her cousin then dipped into savings, then sold off assets to pay for her upkeep when it was all over her cousin had an undriveable car and unlivable house and was completely wiped out financially before passing away himself.

Too many families in this country receive no inheritance because they must sell mom and dad’s house to pay for assisted living facilities and with real estate for most Americans being their largest asset and a pathway to wealth building Connelly General Contracting finds this unacceptable.