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Historic & Cutting Edge Renovations

Historic & Cutting Edge Renovations is the art of maintaining the architectural appeal of a house turning it into a home by transforming the outdated systems and components of an older less desirable, less comfortable, energy inefficient shelter into the envy of the neighborhood by creating a palace that is also comfortable, convenient, and energy efficient.  The Connelly Group looks to provide an eye catching and wow factor home owning experience for our clients that have one looking forward to seeing the front door each and every time.  The Connelly Group is well versed in historic preservation/restoration always thinking inside and outside the box while keeping the ideas simple, cost effective, comprehensive and fantastic whether it is a whole house renovation or an interior/exterior remodeling job.  Ideas and passion for something awesome coupled with experience, integrity, and respect for the earth’s limited resources are what enable The Connelly Group to turn house after house into the nicest home on the block each and every time often reusing/reclaiming the house’s forgotten jewels to save our clients money as too often we see perfectly terrific items being discarded as trash by lesser experienced or greedier contractors that are looking for ways to pad the bill and increase their profit margin by any means necessary.

As a streamlined socially and financially responsible construction management firm without bloated budgets and financially crippling overhead along with an extensive list of excellent and reasonably priced sub contractors The Connelly Group creates value in every step of the process from pre design meetings to turning the key over to the proud new owners.

As a general contractor with decades of experience working on and inspecting houses all over the tri-state area The Connelly Group has developed the skills/knowledge/abilities to create the biggest bang for your construction buck while providing exceptional quality and does not use the buzz word terms “going green”, and “sustainability” to sock it to our clients.  See article “Going Green Without Going Broke” by Brian Connelly.

Restoration & Construction Experts

The last thing a home owner wants is to be raked over the coals by a contractor after experiencing a traumatic event such as fire/water/smoke/wind damage to their home which we see far too often as the contractor is looking to get the biggest insurance buck while offering the littlest bang to the homeowner. You can relax when The Connelly Group is on job because we have the skills and resources and are in the business of restoring the luster and dignity back into your home as well as the functionality of the systems and components that make up your house so that the owner’s can get back to the business of enjoying their life in their newly restored home.  The Connelly Group is a problem solving/solutions oriented customer service contracting firm and we look forward to being the silver lining during the restoration process of your home.

Kitchens/Baths and Decks

The kitchen is the social hub of the modern day house, while the bathroom is still a sanctuary to get away from it all even for a short time, while a deck is a great way to enjoy your oasis with family/friends. The Connelly Group is well versed and specializes in creating social/living spaces within the home that vastly improves the comfort levels and social wants/needs of your family. Anyone can install a kitchen/bathroom/deck only The Connelly Group can install a social hub for family meals or an executive style dining room to impress clients and colleagues, a pampered get away from it all sanctuary to bathe, or an outdoor kitchen/deck for fun times and quiet moments while enjoying the built in hot tub.

Wet Basements and Crawl Spaces

Wet/damp basements and crawl spaces are conducive to indoor air quality and health issues that are typically the result of poorly managed surface water around the exterior of the structure.  It is not uncommon to find mold in the attic of a house with a wet basement/crawl space as the moisture flows upward with the warm air provided by the heater or the naturally warm air during the summer months.  Wet basements/crawl spaces are also conducive to foundation wall movement, termite/insect/rodent activity as well as wet rot/mold growth and damage to personal items.  The Connelly Group prides itself on being able to identify trouble areas/spots on the exterior and coming up with cost effective/comprehensive solutions to your water/moisture issue and is also well versed and expertly trained in the installation of underground drainage/water management systems that help prevent issues inside your home that can also adversely affect your health/quality of life.  Our completed systems typically includes two crocks and two primary sumps on dedicated outlets with two separate battery backed up sump pumps in both crocks and cost less than most companies installing only one crock and one pump.  The Connelly Group provides the biggest bang for your water management buck and is a customer service firm that provides expert solutions to the water/moisture issues inside your home.  We have yet to come across a company that educates homeowners on methods to prevent water intrusion into their home or installs a water management system that comes anywhere close to The Connelly Group for an affordable price.  If an affordable, cost effective and comprehensive solution is what you want, then The Connelly Group is who you want.

Stucco Issues

Modern day stucco is a high maintenance relationship as it is and there is no such thing as deferred maintenance with modern day stucco. But when modern day stucco is not installed correctly it can become a nightmare for homeowners causing several tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage as well as adversely affect the health of homeowners across the region with water/mold damage. The Connelly Group has expertise in evaluating and repairing damages caused to your home by improperly installed/maintained stucco and is here to help you evaluate and plan a course of action/remediation to return your house into a Safe & Sound Home.

Structural Repairs

Wood destroying insects cause over a billion dollars a year of damage and too often the repair work done on this damage is ineffective and temporary at best performed by pest control contractors instead of qualified carpenters. Cracked rafters/failed trusses are also common in residential construction. Having a qualified framing contractor to repair/replace/reinforce the damaged framing is paramount to preventing further issues/damage with your home and The Connelly Group is a contractor that can repair YOUR home in a comprehensive manner, up to the current code if required while working closely with structural engineers & architects to make sure the job is done right the first time.

Water and shoddy construction cause failure of foundation walls at an alarming rate in our region particularly with all the heavy rains/flash floods we have been experiencing due to climate change. The Connelly Group is well versed in comprehensive solutions for reinforcing/rebuilding deflecting/failing foundations and diverting/managing exterior surface water that is so often the roof cause of foundation issues.

Finished Basements, Attics, and Additions

Adding additional living space onto a house you already love in a neighborhood you already enjoy is a very cost effective way to increase the size of your house to fit your growing family needs or changing lifestyle and even take care of mom and dad. A finished basement/attic, or addition is a wonderful way to add a family room or another bedroom/bathroom set up, even a home office or gym or in-law suite. If done poorly and without foresight converting a section of the house can bring much heartache/frustration and even adversely affect the health of the home owners. No one is better at or more qualified to convert non-living space into living space areas that are eye pleasing, energy efficient and constructed in a long term manner to bring years of enjoyment. Don’t move, improve is a much more affordable option and does not come with a new 30 year mortgage, your financial advisor may also help you navigate a home equity loan so that the interest can still be deducted from your taxes much like the interest on your mortgage.

Construction Management & General Contractor

Whether a top shelf renovation for a CEO and their family, or a commercial fit out, a project managed by The Connelly Group is a well planned, organized, and safe work environment that ensures that your job is completed on time and within budget.  A General Contractor is only as good as the skills, knowledge, and abilities that the firm has accumulated over the years as well as the expert personnel it employs, and the reputable sub contractors that it works with on a regular basis, and no project is better managed or run than a Connelly Group project.  The Connelly Group is the premier Project Management & General Contracting Firm in the Philadelphia and South Jersey Markets working closely with architects, engineers, local code enforcement officers, sub contractors, and most importantly you the client to ensure a seamless and smooth transition from the design room to completed project.  Our expertise at short term and long term planning for your project as well as our ability to think on our feet and being able to communicate those plans in a clear, concise,  and effective manner help us sidestep issues and/or deal with issues as they occur to save our clients time and money that always results in a happy customer and a fantastic finished project that wows and delights.  We at The Connelly Group provide the biggest bang for your construction dollar and consider ourselves a customer service firm that provides excellent Project Management and General Contracting skills.

Commercial Fit Outs

The Connelly Group is well versed in construction of retail stores, doctor/dental offices and business offices whether in the home or commercial settings working closely with owners to ensure a smooth transition from shell to finished product.

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